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    Steering Wheel Airbag Clock Spring For All Car Makes Air bag Spiral Cable

    Clock spring is also called rotary connector, air bag spring, spiral cable, rotary switch, etc.,

    installed in the steeringwheel under the side, with the steering wheel to do about rotation 

    movement. It is used to connect the main airbag to the airbag wire harness, or the multi-function 

    switch buttons of the steering wheel and the control unit wire harness, which can be understood 

    as a wire harness.In the left and right rotation of the steering wheel, the flexible flat cable inside 

    the clock spring is wrapped or loosened in the relatively fixed end of the housing to ensure the 

    normal circuit connection of the driver's airbag, horn switch and other electrical components.    

    At the same time, the clock spring can realize the combination switch turning and the Angle 

    sensor turning.

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